The first transnational meeting of the Erasmus+ Project Being Healthy makes you Wealthy was held in David-Roentgen-Schule, Neuwied (Germany) from 29 November to 1 December,2017.

The seven partners of the project (Germany, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Italy and Spain) got together to discuss and arrange the first year of the project. Each country gave a presentation of their school and explained how they would work and develop their own part in the project.

MªAngeles Ruiz, who is the Head of the Biology Department and the Coordinator of CSE, and Ana Ortega, the Coordinator of the Project in our school, were the representatives of La Sénia. They both introduced urban cycling as the topic our school will perform as well as the goals and ideas that we will achieve at the end of the project.

It was a very positive meeting where all the partners established guidelines and distributed the different tasks each country will carry out in the following two years.